Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sleepy Head

We went to Uncle Julio's yesterday for a group dinner. See picture above. It's Mexican food. I'm not usually a fan of Mexican, so I just ordered a grilled salmon. Luckily the meal was paid for by the partner so I didn't have to fork over money for dinner.
Anyhow, project is over so I get to go home. Yay! A lesson I learned is that when a flight is over 1 hour or so, it's a good idea to pack a noise cancelling headphone and a lot of reading materials.
I've been watching a lot of TV from my hotel room. Entourage on HBO, the Office on NBC, 30 Rock, the Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt, and others. Reclining on a Heavenly bed just staring at the large screen is a huge luxury after a stressful day at work.
Apologies if I'm incoherent. I need some personal time away from work and my colleagues. We were sitting together in very tight quarters and got to know each other very well.

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