Saturday, October 10, 2009


About the Photo: I like this photo because it has simple lines. Also, I enjoy the color play between the white bench slats and the emerald green grass. This photo has a springy feel to it.

About Other Things: I'm trying to multi-task by reading my voting materials and blogging. Voting is a privilege, but really it's a burden too because I have to read up on the various propositions and inform myself before voting. I feel it's my duty since SF tends to have some crazy propositions. If I don't make my voice heard, my tax dollars will be used for things I do not approve of.

Here's a run down of some of the more interesting propositions on the ballot:

Prop C - Candlestick Park Naming Rights - This prop would allow the City to receive revenue in exchange for naming rights of the football stadium at Candlestick Point.
I vote yes because SF needs as much revenue it can get! Some people don't like the fact that the stadium could be named after any company that pays the most, but I think it's fine. If you like the name Candlestick Park, you can call it that amongst your friends.

Prop D - Mid Market Special Sign District - would allow billboards to be placed in the mid-Market district (between 5th and 7th streets). Part of the signage revenue will be provided to arts groups to help vitalize the area. I'm for this. Something is better than nothing when it comes to rejuvenating this area of the city. I personally never walk beyond Market and 4th streets because it's so dirty and sketchy after 4th street.

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