Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Tai Chi

Sundays = Park Day
It's great to be able to get outside and away from laptops, Internet and Facebook and get some exercise. The powers that be recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, but I only do it on the weekends. I don't feel like paying for gym membership either, so it makes fitting in the 30 minutes a day difficult.

As I was heading over to JFK Blvd this morning, I played the good citizen :-) because I helped a couple from Colombia find their way to the Conservatory of Flowers. They were hopelessly lost, thinking that they were at one end of the park when really they were at another end. Luckily for them I know my way around (for the most part). Golden Gate Park is notoriously hard to navigate. You can easily get lost because there isn't much street signage and the maps are poor.

Sundays in Golden Gate Park have a lot to offer its visitors. You could participate in a tai chi lesson like the people in the picture. You could take a free swing dance lesson at noon from the folks at Lindy in the Park. Or if you're into flowers, check out the Conservatory of Flowers for a fee. Museums such as the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum are also in the park. If that's not your cup of tea and you want to get physical, go up to Stow Lake to paddle around in little boats or rent bicycles to tool about the park. If none of the above appeals to you, then just stroll along JFK Blvd at your own pace. There's something for everyone.

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