Friday, July 17, 2009

Weeding out the Bad

The Laborers

Today I spent my afternoon volunteering at Crissy Field in the Marina District near the Golden Gate Bridge. I got to be team lead for a group of 30 people from my work place. It was more work organizing this thing than I had anticipated and I get zero recognition. So why do I do this?

I asked myself this question as I was hustling around looking for T-shirts for everyone, gathering snacks and doing the grunt work in general. However, I know that afterwards I always am glad I did it. First of all, I can put it down as one of my year end accomplishments. Secondly, getting out of the office is a pretty nice perk too. Crissy Field is located in a very pretty part of San Francisco, so I don't mind being there. Getting out of the office helps me put things in perspective. There is a whole big wide world out there. It's hard to believe, but life does go on outside of the office.

Our job was to weed the field. If we saw a yellow flower representing a dandelion, we would feel down to the base of the plant and determine in which direction the roots are growing. Then if you do it right ... with one mighty whack of the weeding tool, the root is severed and you can pull out the dandelion root and all!!

After I got better at it, weeding was even satisfying when I saw that I was able to root it out.

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