Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rediscovering My Roots

Pretty Patterns

There's not much to do at work these days. It's really "feast or famine" unfortunately. When I have work, it's really really busy, but when it's quiet, I'm just sitting.

Lately I've been thinking that I want to learn Mandarin because I see that the people in my group who speak Mandarin have more projects they can work on. I know that it will take many years before I can gain fluency, but I'm hopeful that I can still learn new things. It's never too late! I think it would be fun to learn how to write more Chinese characters. Chinese is a notoriously difficult language for foreigners to learn because it's a tonal language and there are so many characters to memorize!

Although I can't speak Mandarin now, I still don't regret studying German in high school and in college. It's opened so many new doors for me in my life and shown me new things. If a language can change someone's life, it's not exaggerating to say that this would apply to me.

After doing some research on Mandarin classes in San Francisco, I've noticed they are very expensive. At SFSU's College of Extended Learning, Mandarin 1 costs around $600! The price is similar for classes at UC Berkeley Extension. Only City College of San Francisco offers a good deal. I might go with them if I can find a Spanish class from another place. Currently I am enrolled in Elementary Spanish at City in preparation for a trip.

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