Friday, July 03, 2009

Facial Experience

The deed has finally been done. I feel better now that it's out of my system. :-)
This July 4th weekend I decided to splurge on a facial, which is an experience I've always wanted to get.

I went to Cinta Aveda Institute on Kearney St. at Bush for a Botanical Skin Resurfacing facial.
The aesthetician who worked with me wore all black and seemed to have pretty good skin. The first floor is a sales floor for selling the Aveda products they use on their customers. I was escorted up to the second floor and offered tea and water.

I had to turn off my cellphone so as not to disturb the quiet atmosphere they were trying to create for their guests. Then she led me to a partitioned off area for a brief foot soak and very brief foot massage. Afterwards she told me I had to remove my top and wear this terry cloth thing that had a velcro in front. It's like wearing a towel after you get out of a shower. I asked if I could keep my top on, but apparently you can't do that because they also massage your shoulder area. It was funny because I put that thing on wrong, so she had to remind me the velcro goes in front. Ha ha, what a provincial, she was probably thinking.

Anyhow, she took me on a "sensory journey", which sounded somewhat cheesy to me. The first part of the facial was the cleansing stage, then she applied a mask. In between all the applications of various products she sprayed a cooling mist and also massaged my shoulders and neck.

One thing that disturbed me was the background music. It was kind of loud and not that relaxing. There was this one violin piece that sounded so sad to me. Why are they playing that to their guests who are here to relax, not to feel sad.

The whole experience lasted about 1 hour and it cost me only $50 because the service was provided by students supervised by instructors. I'm not sure I would return, but at least I now know how facials work.

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