Monday, July 13, 2009

Hard Questions


We've all got to ask ourselves some hard questions these days. Do I stay or do I move on?
This article from Business Week provides some tips on how to approach this question.

On a separate note, one of my coworkers shared with me the saga of how his ex-fiancee broke up with him via a letter last year and how he's now demanding the engagement ring back from her via a letter. It amazes me how fast things can get nasty between two people who were supposed to spend the rest of their lives together happily ever after.

I think before you marry anyone, you need to conduct some serious due diligence. One of the questions you should ask a guy before you say yes is - Do you put the toilet seat down after going to the toilet. If yes, then he's well trained. ;-) There were some other questions, but I've forgotten them. Any suggestions for questions to ask that would ensure matrimonial bliss?


Michael said...

Pls. take this comment not personal. It is just a first thought and often the first thoughts are the best because they are unfiltered and most honest. My first thought was: if my girlfriend would stick the "yes/no" question on my answer on "Do you put the toilet seat down after going to the toilet?" I would be 100% sure that she not the right one.

frankfurtsanfrancisco said...

I appreciate your comment. No offense taken. I hope you know it was meant in jest. I am in no way advocating that women walk around with clipboards interviewing their prospective suitors with a checklist of yes or no questions, which reminds me of a funny scene in the German movie "Shoppen". Nonetheless I suspect many women have a mental checklist.

Also, I highly doubt that the toilet seat question would be top of mind anyhow. It's probably ranked as a "nice to have", but not a deal breaker. :-)

M said...

I guess a letter is more personal than email.

Michael said...

Poor tennis star Boris becker was dumped by fiancée through SMS ...
That must be a really hard lesson.