Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Expert Witness

I had to stay 2 hours after work today to help lawyers prepare for a mock deposition tomorrow. I am playing the role of "expert witness" and will be deposed tomorrow. Ugh! I really should have found an excuse to back out of this commitment. The last thing I need is another reason to stay at work after hours! Plus, this extracurricular activity won't even help me at the end of the year for my annual review. The only thing that matters ultimately is the number of chargeable hours you booked. To prepare for the deposition, I worked with two female lawyers. One of them was nicer than the other, who was more assertive in her manner. Needless to say, I preferred working with the nicer lawyer. I need to take things less seriously. After all, I'm doing THEM a favor by being a mock expert witness. No need to stress and get myself bent out of shape.

Anyhow, onto a more pleasant topic . . . guess what I had for lunch today? A "North Beach" sandwich from Mastrelli's Delicatessen at the Ferry Building. The North Beach had prosciutto, sweet bell peppers, provolone and sun dried tomatoes in it. It was quite tasty although the prosciutto meat kept getting stuck between my teeth, which was molto annoying. My goal is to be able to express an informed opinion on most of the food establishments at the Ferry Building. So far I've fortunate enough to try a lot of different places at the Ferry Building. Here's a list:

1. Ciao Bella Gelato
2. Mastrelli's Delicatessen
3. Frog Hollow Farm
4. Acme Bread Co.
5. Slanted Door & Out the Door
6. Peet's
7. Blue Bottle Coffee
8. Taylor's Refresher
9. Organic Supermarket
10. Market Bar
11. Miette

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