Sunday, July 05, 2009


The Modern Man

About the Picture: The picture depicts a hard to find species called the modern man. He takes responsibility for child care. I've even seen men who wear those baby carrier things. That's a step in the right direction in my opinion. Women should not be the only ones stuck with the burden of taking care of kids.

About Current Events: California is issuing IOU's now. The Golden State is now less golden. I bet some people are secretly or not so secretly reveling in this. I definitely see the effects of this. First of all, in San Francisco, adult fare on the MUNI has increased by 50 cents to $2 per ride! That is highway robbery! I would have less of a problem with the fare increase it was used to improve service, however, service and performance is as poor as before. On Saturday my MUNI bus broke down, so I had to reschedule an appointment and walk more than 6 blocks to my destination. Then today as I was walking in GGP I noticed that the free shuttle was replaced by a $2 shuttle service run by the sleek black Bauer shuttles. Nothing is for free these days.


Michael said...

I see, SFO is catching up! But Zurich is still MUCH MORE expensive. A Swiss newspaper claimed one year ago that Zurich has the most expensive single fair ticket in the world: CHF 4 (about $3.70).

Anonymous said...

"...stuck with the burden of taking care of kids...". This comment sounds pretty inhuman to me as I do not believe raising a child is a burden but rather the greatest present a couple could win!

Anyway, I like the picture as well pretty much, great work!


frankfurtsanfrancisco said...

Wow, I must be having a good day! Two comments to 1 post. This is a record. Ha ha!

To Mr. M - I wouldn't mind paying those prices if the buses and trains were as nice as the ones in Zurich! They seemed relatively clean and efficient from the limited exposure I had to them. The problem with SF buses is that they are often crowded and unreliable.

To Mr. S - Thanks for the comment. Okay, maybe my choice of words was polarizing, but it is a lot of work to take care of kids and I'm glad more men are stepping up to the plate to help their spouses. You have to admit that as much as children are a gift, it takes a lot of time and energy to feed them, change their dirty diapers, tend to them when they are crying or will not fall asleep at regular hours, and the list continues.

M said...

"Children are a gift"...can you return them for store credit?

frankfurtsanfrancisco said...

No returns unless they're unopened and with original receipt!!