Monday, July 06, 2009

Existential Angst


I'm getting a sense of angst from the people in my generation who are about to hit the three decade mark. They are evaluating where they are in relation to others. For example, people at this age are starting to get married, have kiddies and buy property. Does it mean you're a failure if you haven't reached any of these major life milestones? I don't think so, but often we're made to feel like we are.

Also, this is the time people are feeling that they are getting old. I've been noticing Facebook updates from a friend of mine who keeps saying things like she's feeling old, is over it and asking why she even bothers. When I see the new interns or the associates at work, I feel kinda old. These guys are in their early 20's! Wow, they are innocent "young 'uns" still unspoiled by Corporate America. In comparison, I am definitely older and more jaded, but if I'm wiser is debatable. Ha ha!

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