Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wandering on the Way

Summer Cocktails

I'm really trying to limit the time I spend hunched over my laptop on the weekends. It's bad for me, I know, but there is so much that I need to research. Instead of transforming myself slowly into the Hunchback of San Francisco, I need to get out more and do some physical exercise. I know a friend, who takes salsa dancing lessons after work. That is commendable. Usually, I just want to rest after work and withdraw, not put myself in another social situation.

By the way, star power is in San Francisco this weekend - Michelle Obama. She's here to promote volunteerism. I haven't seen her in person though. All I've seen today are Safeway and Costco shoppers in their weekend wear. Oh yes, I did get something I've needed and wanted for the longest time ...... a shoe rack! I feel so much more organized now.

In addition, I thought this NYT article was interesting. It confirms what I already knew - hot temperatures mean bad news! Long live the temperate climate!


Michael said...

Beautiful! I like this photo!

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