Wednesday, June 24, 2009


GO 730

My TomTom came today and it has exactly what I need. When I'm driving to and from the South Bay, I want to avoid Highway 101 because it is notorious for its stop and go traffic. Interstate 280 is much superior in terms of safety and speed. Anyhow, this TomTom can quickly reroute me from 101 to 280 with one click of the button "Alternative Route". My old Garmin Nuvi 650 would always want to route me back to 101.

I have not tested this on the road yet, but I am already smitten with the reroute function. My only complaints so far have to do with the lack of voice variety and the packaging. Right now it's set to "Susan" who is an American woman. If I want other voices such as Ken from Australia, Sean from Ireland or Paul from New Zealand, I would have to install from CD or download from Regarding the packaging, there was just too much of it and it was unwieldy. After I opened up the box, I had so many awkward flaps and openings in the containers that I did not know how to reassemble the box nicely. I just gave up and threw away most of the packaging!

So, about my mission impossible... I still don't have a flight itinerary, but I think I will be flying Friday, not tomorrow. I hope they put us up at a nice hotel. Hee hee!

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