Thursday, June 18, 2009

Live and Learn


Today is a topic rich day. I have three things I want to blog about. The first is about this billboard in downtown SF, the second about making decisions and the third about a great New York Times article.

Check out this billboard. It is for a luxury condominium building called the Infinity, which offers breathtaking views of the SF Bay. The billboard shows a woman dressed up in a fancy dress sitting in a pristine white room and staring out at the view of the Bay Bridge. She is surrounded by varying sizes and assortment of cakes. What's wrong with this picture? It seems to portray the misconception that the more trinkets and "things" you have, the happier you'll be. Why cakes? I don't get it and it's sending the wrong message.

Secondly, I can't stand it when I'm up against moral dilemmas because they are usually ambiguous, very challenging and I usually end up regretting my actions. However, I need to move past it and focus on trying to be good person the next time such a situation arises. Self flagellation does not help.

Thirdly, the New York Times wrote a very interesting article on how many unemployed older people (i.e. in their 30's) are turning to the US Army as an employer. The following is my favorite quote -"It’s a guaranteed job, as long as you go to work every day,” said Capt. Jared Auchey, company commander of the Army Experience Center in Philadelphia, who estimates that one in 10 of the enlistments at his high-tech marketing office are over 35. 'There are no layoffs in the Army.' "

Yes, there are no layoffs in the Army ... just the specter of death constantly lurking nearby and nipping at your heels!

Anyhow, I just found this story so fascinating because of the weird dynamics of older people being trained by youngsters half their age. Your pride definitely takes a huge hit when your supervisor is younger than you. In any case, having older recruits will make the situation quite interesting in the US Army.

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