Friday, February 06, 2009

Toilet talk

Porcelain Throne

The best way to bond with your colleagues is to sit in a room with them all day. You can't help but talk to one another and share stories. Yesterday as I was sitting with 3 other people, who happened to be female, the talk turned to how the men's restroom looks like inside. Person #1 was adamant that there were no doors, just urinal stalls. Person #2 said, "Let me instant message this guy and ask him." Apparently the answer is that the men's restroom is a hybrid. They have urinals and some stalls. The stalls would be for those who need to "do #2", aka "poo".

I was cracking up the whole time as I was listening to this conversation progress because usually you don't hear someone say the word "poo" in a work setting. Then Person #2 mentioned that she feels sorry for the guys because if one of them had to do actually poo, they would be instantly identified by the others as having to poo because he would have to go into a stall. Women, on the other hand, have it easier because it's more ambiguous due to the uniform stalls that are present. Finally Person #2 volunteers that she doesn't poo at work because it's dirty. Not sure if she was referring to the act of pooing or the cleanliness of the women's restroom.

If you don't want to be found out, some people recommend flushing the toilet in order to mask the sound. In Japan, there is a toilet with a button you can press that simulates the sound of flushing.

In the same vein, I found a hilarious story (in German) about one guy's experience in the mens restroom. Then to top that, I found this laugh out loud funny "how to" in English.

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