Saturday, February 07, 2009

Artistic Indulgences

Shadow Play

I prepared tax returns for my parents and myself. This was the first time I used Turbo Tax, which is quite amazing. I had a first draft of my return in under an hour! Imagine that!
After all that administrative stuff, I indulged in some waste of time called playing with the Wii. I also managed to dig out my camera and take some pictures, train the eye, be artsy again. My goal was to capture the light. My setting was my backyard. Even in such a mundane setting, I was amazed at all the beautiful details that caught my eye. This picture above is a shadow of my father cast on the fence. It turned out quite nice. Notice the little question mark shape at the upper left of the photo. I'm not sure what that is, but it adds a mysterious air to the picture.

I feet much better after having taken the pictures. It's like I needed desperately to release my pent-up artistic energy. Plus, the more pictures I take, the better I'll get at photography, in theory at least.

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