Saturday, January 31, 2009

To do, To do

Superbowl takes place tomorrow, but I couldn't care less. However, at a minimum I will try to read up on the advertisements and which team won in order to be informed.

I really admire writers who can evoke feelings and emotions with their writing. I also admire people who can be funny when they write. The folks at are good examples of writers who are witty. Whenever I write, it tends to be very dry and factual, which somewhat reflects my personality. Ha ha!

By the way, I read somewhere that many foreigners think that there is no customer service in Germany and apparently there is a historical basis for this. According to the book, shopkeepers in Germany were traditionally of a higher social class than their customers. As a result, it was seen as an honor for the customers to be able to interact with the shopkeepers. I'm not sure if this is an accurate explanation for the phenomenon that the Germans term "Servicewueste". I have personally experienced this lack of customer service a multiple times. For example, once I went shoe shopping and had to literally chase down a saleswoman for some help.

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