Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silence! Silenzio! Ruhe!

BlackBerry Bold

At my workplace, you could go through a whole day without speaking to anyone if you really wanted to! Sometimes it's so oppressively silent in the office that you wish someone would just make some noise.

By the way, the BlackBerry Bold I ordered finally arrived today in the office. It's my first BB device ever. Now I can feel like I belong in the club of people who are chained to their devices/work 24/7. Yay! (Please note the sarcasm) This is strictly my work phone. I make personal calls on an old fashioned candy bar shaped Nokia. (Aside: Americans love flip phones, aka clam shell phones, whereas Europeans tend to favor the candy bar shaped mobile phones) I haven't discovered all the different bells and whistles the Bold has, but I can take pictures with it, surf the web, check my work and personal emails, use it as a GPS device, alarm clock, calculator, etc. The phone has a huge selection of ring tones to boot! So far I've settled on one called "Star Chime". Ha ha ha! I find it kind of funny, absurd and sad at the same time that I need to rely on ring tones to add color into my life. :-P They do say that laughter keeps you healthy and I think we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously anyhow.
Ich erinnere mich als ich in Deutschland gearbeitet habe, dass nur Managers und hoeher BlackBerrys bestellen konnten. Ist das immer noch der Fall? BlackBerrys waren damals und bleiben immer noch Statussymbole der Geschaeftsleuten.


Michael said...

As a techy addicted to all sort of new devices some remarks:

"Americans love flip phones, aka clam shell phones, whereas Europeans tend to favor the candy bar shaped mobile phones"
Not true anymore. I'd say 80% of the new phones are flip phones or at least not bar shaped.

Blueberry: as I am not working for that (ie. "our") company-> don't know. I think the invention of iPhone was a direct attack to the established management. Suddenly management saw in meetings that the apprentice had the smarter, nicer phone with more functionality. What a disaster! I am looking forward how this story ends. Golden iPhones for managers and a law that retailers are only allowed to sell silver ones???

frankfurtsanfrancisco said...

Deswegen werden Blackberrys auch "CrackBerrys" genannt. Sie machen suechtig.