Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knock out!

I went out for a walk this afternoon and was somehow struck by these two people sitting by themselves on benches, each facing the Bay. What were they pondering? Why were they sitting there alone? Are they tourists enjoying the view or office workers needing a break from their
colleagues? What would happen if I
Eigenbroetlerin_________________________________________ Eigenbroetler
had settled myself down on the bench next to them? Would they get uncomfortable and get up eventually?

When I got back home, I boxed against two avatars - Chris and some guy with a Japanese name that I don't recall right now. I KO'ed Chris, but the second guy was a tough opponent! The boxing was so vigorous that my middle back is still sore from all that leaning forward and violent jabbing. By the way, I ordered a second Nunchuk and will be ready to box humans soon!

On a totally different topic, I found a nice guide to dim sum restaurants in San Francisco. It was a story on sfgate this evening. Enjoy!

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