Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Who can avoid following politics when the characters are so weird?

Recently Republican VP nominee Palin was interviewed by Katie Couric. Here are clips from the real interview.

As you can probably figure out, it sounds like Palin dances around Couric's questions and offers many generalizations. Sure, many of us may do that in our own interviews or in day to day situations, but most of us are not running for the high-profile position of the VP of the United States are we? Plus, I think she wants to appear to be down to earth with her colloquial style, but it doesn't really inspire confidence in her. Hilary on the other hand would've been able to answer these questions in a forceful manner. That's just her style. Maybe Palin will win some pity points from people who feel sorry for her.

Here's the SNL spoof of the real interview.

You'll only understand the references and the inside jokes when you see both side by side.

Happy Tuesday!

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