Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Neighborhood - Diversity


This is a picture of a street fair in Leland Street, which serves as a sort of downtown for this neighborhood. You can visit the library here, buy some groceries from a Latino owned store, grab a cup of tea, buy some Chinese pastries or a Chinese language newspaper.

The people you see above are singing Cantonese opera. If any of you have heard Chinese opera, you'll know that the singing is horrid and usually very high pitched. Anyway, this is what they were performing.

Speaking of Chinese people, have you heard about the whole tainted milk story in China? Apparently some companies that process milk put some weird chemicals into the milk and some babies died. I think that is the only way to get the Chinese to pay attention to the quality of their products. Unfortunately they are too profit driven and often have no morals when it's about making more money. I don't trust Chinese food products. They probably put lead into it or something else quite nasty.

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