Sunday, September 27, 2009

Simply Sparkling!


Why does everything somehow sound more culturally elevated in the French language?

About the Picture: This is the Bay Bridge by night. It's fairly unremarkable by day, but it's so festive when they light it up at night. Everything about the bridge twinkles - the moving cars and the lighted span itself.

About Life: I've noticed an interesting pattern. People who major in theater in college find themselves in their 30's switching to more stable careers like engineering and nursing. I wonder why? Is it because they suddenly realize that it's difficult to survive in this harsh world with only a theater degree? The husband of one of my acquaintances is trying to get a second bachelor's degree because he and his wife want to buy a house and his current salary as an AV person at a university is probably not enough to purchase real estate in the Bay Area. So he is going back to school to study engineering. He graduated from college as a theater major. Theater and engineering are like polar opposites. Good luck!

Then I met someone in Spanish class who is trying to get into the nursing program at city college because she graduated with a theater degree in her twenties and didn't really know what to do with it. Now at 30 years old, she wants to become a nurse.

A couple conclusions I've drawn from these true stories:
- There are lots of idealistic people out there who think studying what they like will help them make a living. It may be possible, but VERY difficult unfortunately!
- You apparently can't do much with only a theater degree unless you're absolutely brilliant and stunningly beautiful.
- Age 30 is a turning point. You begin to reassess your life - how you want to continue living it and any changes that you must make before it's too late.

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