Monday, September 14, 2009

I pledge allegiance ...

The Initiation Pin

Like a little kid on her first day of school, today was my first day of my new job. I had a day of orientation during which they discussed the intranet, benefits, defined harassment and got to know the organization a bit. Since the orientation ended a bit early, I dropped by the office to ask my boss about when I need to show up tomorrow. I also briefly met some of my new colleagues and saw my new workspace. My cube looked nice. I get to sit next to a window with natural light. Yay! The "real" work starts tomorrow.

My goals for my first 90 days will be to do the following (excerpted from the book "The First 90 Days"):
1. Promote myself
2. Accelerate my learning
3. Match strategy to situation
4. Secure early wins
5. Negotiate success - "This means carefully planning for a series of critical conversations about the situation, expectations, style, resources and your personal development. Crucially, it means developing and gaining consensus on the 90-day plan."
6. Create coalitions

About the Photo: From now on, I must pledge allegiance to my new employer just like school kids pledge allegiance to the United States of America every morning. The photo is of a lapel pin with the logo of the new company. It's a pretty cool pin that holds together using magnets.

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