Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dream a Little Dream


Call me materialistic, but I'd like to get a new camera.
I've been on a number of trips with my DSLR and it really weighs me down. Generally I'm carrying the DSLR and another lens in a shoulder bag that ends up cutting into my shoulder by the end of the day.

What I'm looking for now is a small camera, preferably pocket sized for vacation shots. I'm not giving up on the DSLR, because nothing can beat the capabilities and high quality photos that come from a DSLR. However, when I'm on vacation, I mainly take touristy snapshots anyhow, so a little digital camera should suffice. Plus, it makes photography so much more flexible and fun when you don't have to drag out a DSLR. The picture above for example was taken with a point and shoot and the quality of the photo is not too shabby.

I've got my eye on Canon's G11 because it preserves quality and is lighter than a DSLR. Still it's not a perfect candidate because it is still not small enough to fit in a pocket.

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Michael said...

I see your point. Two pieces of advice (don't know if there is currently a camera fulfilling both critereas):
1. Choose a model with standard AA-batteries which you get everywhere in the world. (My Sony has.)
2. There are already point and shoot cameras with kind of wide angle lenses on the market. I like wide angle!!!