Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dangerous Message?


In America there live some very very disturbed persons. Just read this article to find out why. Today being the first day of school for many youngsters, President Obama told students across America to study hard because they are responsible for their own education. Essentially it's a message that is positive and true and one that all students should take to heart. That's why I am just stunned that some Americans can find fault with this speech. Some people said that they didn't want the government poking their noses into their children's education as this is the parents' responsibility. I personally don't see any harm in Obama's message, which is so self-evident and proper. I guess as President, everyone will find a way to criticize your actions. As they say, you can't please everyone.

About the Photo: I participated in the Worldwide Moment of Peace by taking the photo above. For the sake of full disclosure, I was supposed to take a photo at 5:09 PM, but I didn't do it till around 6:09 PM.

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