Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pearls of wisdom

Shirts Part Deux

I read this great article on Yahoo about how to save money. Unlike the usual fluffy articles, this one had some substance. For example, I love the tip about finding a job that you enjoy. If you do something you don't really like just because it pays well, you'll be spending your extra cash on things that do make you happy, so it ends even. Here's the article: link

I have to grudgingly admit that I think I am learning new things in my photography class despite the instructor. :-) Slowly I'm getting better at the technical side of photography. In other words, knowing what settings I need to change until I get the picture that I truly want. Take the photo of my closet for example. Yesterday's photo was taken with a macro lens. I was somewhat frustrated that I did not get everything in the image sharp although I used a tripod and a cable release. So today, I switched the lens out and replaced it with a wide angle lens. Also, I lowered the ISO as far as it would go (100) in order to reduce noise and I increased the f-stop to increase depth of field. The result is the picture you see above.

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Michael, Zurich said...

Another pearl of wisdom: it's amazing how much information there is around. Saw from your image properties that you used a Canon EOS 5D with 100mm lenses at F/8. 100mm is a lot, no wonder that it's not possible in practice to get a sharp image:

Subject distance 100 cm

Depth of field
Near limit 97.9 cm
Far limit 102.2 cm
Total 4.32 cm

In front of subject 2.11 cm (49%)
Behind subject 2.21 cm (51%)

Hyperfocal distance 4176.7 cm
Circle of confusion 0.03 mm