Friday, October 10, 2008

Blue Angels - Zoom Zoom

The SF Tube

The Blue Angels are in town and were zooming around the skies in formation to prepare for Fleet Week. Fleet Week is when we San Franciscans are supposed to feel pride in the United States' military prowess. It's controversial. Some people say why waste money on putting on these shows?

The whole day at work I heard the roar of the jets' engines, but wasn't able to catch a glimpse of them at all. The Blue Angels are a group of jets with pilots that do all sorts of stunts mid-air. Hearing, but not seeing them was like being in a desert with water close by, yet out of reach.

This weekend I need to read up on my voting materials so that I can vote in a semi-intelligent manner. I already know that I'm not voting for McCain, so the presidential pick will be easy. It's all those propositions with various letters that get me confused.

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