Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oldie but goodie


This is amazing. I'm using an Apple computer in class right now and the images are much clearer than compared to when I use my little Thinkpad laptop. The colors are more vibrant and I see more details.

I'm actually supposed to be working on my Scavenger Hunt assignment right now, but seeing as how I don't even have many pictures, I'm using my time to finish my blog entry for today.

The oldie but goodie reference is to the picture. You might recognize it from previous postings, but this time I've corrected it using a Mac and the new version of Photoshop that's a part of CS3. I would like to get it because it has a great patch tool, but it's expensive. I need to justify it more. Do I really need the patch tool? What are the other cool features in the newer version that I don't have in my current version? Money after all is hard earned. You can't just throw it haphazardly in any direction that strikes your fancy.

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Michael, Zurich said...

I experienced the same - the LCD screen of the ThinkPad is a shame. Have you ensured and double checked that Photoshop Elements is unable to do the job? Talking about money: you would safe a hell lot of money ...