Friday, December 05, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

View from the Top

I'm back from "the ATL" (Atlanta, Georgia for the uninitiated). Actually I just learned recently that Atlanta is known colloquially as "the ATL", which is also Atlanta's airport code like SFO stands for San Francisco International Airport. Our secret mission has been accomplished in record time, much faster than they had anticipated, which is good. It means I get to spend a weekend at home rather than working a night shift.

Funniest moment during the night shift this morning around 2 AM was when a guy just finished having his snack of cereal and milk and then announced that he was lactose intolerant. Bear in mind that we were 9 people sitting in a conference room with the door closed. This was the last thing we wanted to hear! However, it turns out that he doesn't have a problem when he drinks milk with cereal. It's only when he drinks milk alone that he experiences the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

I think we bonded as a group. The folks from Philly and NY were nice enough to buy food to share with the group. They got fresh fruit, water, Gatorade, bags of chips, mints, cereal, milk, etc. You can't imagine how much food is a pick-me-upper when you're working through the morning and everything is closed.

So we were told early this morning that we could go back home earlier than planned so I booked a flight on Delta. I took the last seat, which was a middle seat. All I can say is that it was tortuous sitting for 5 hours in that middle seat. First of all, I had limited access to the restroom because I would have to bug the person in the aisle to get up for me. Secondly, the people next to me were such arm rest hogs! In addition, their knees kept encroaching into my already very limited space in the middle. On top of that, a baby cried throughout most of the flight. Oh how painful those couple hours were. The only thing that kept me going during that flight was my playlist, which I blasted from my MP3 player because I was trying to mask the cries of the baby.

In other news, I'm happy to report that I can now officially call myself a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Yay! Another set of letters to put on my resume.

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