Friday, December 26, 2008

Drowsy afternoons

Xmas Food Galore

I was dozing off in front of my laptop again, but you can't blame me since it's a warm afternoon (finally) and I am probably in a lunch related drowsiness. It happens to the best of us. ;-)

Yesterday to get my daily German fix, I visited the websites of ARD & ZDF, Germany's two public television stations. They had a video of President Horst Koehler's Christmas speech on there. He was sitting in behind a simple looking wooden desk with an advent wreath to his right and a Christmas tree in the background. His basic message was that the upcoming year will be challenging, but he's confident that Germany will survive because the country is fundamentally stable. I wonder if Bush also had a similar televised speech? Perhaps people don't even care about him these days since he's a sitting duck president right now. Americans would be more interested in hearing President-elect Obama's words this Christmas.

By the way, I went shopping this morning in anticipation of large discounts. It's a tradition of mine to go shopping the day after Christmas in order to snap up those 50% deals on Christmas ornaments and to purchase gifts for Xmas 2009. I'm done with most of my shopping for next year already believe it or not.

Also, I'm glad that I'm feeling more like my old self again. My cough is nearly gone thank goodness as I'm headed to Hawaii tomorrow and did not want to have a nasty hacking cough drag me down.

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Michael, Zurich said...

Hi Glendy

Habt ihr da unten nicht nur Probleme mit dem Strom sondern auch mit dem Internet? Vermisse deine Blogs!